First Anniversary Initials Book




This folded book is a custom order for you to choose the initials of your choice with a heart in the centre. You Could, wow the bride and groom on their wedding day, or use it as a wedding anniversary gift. Folded book art is the art of creating beautiful gifts out of secondhand books, all pages are folded carefully to create the visible design, and these are considered dynamic as they can be viewed from different angles to appear slightly differently.

I am drawn to creating art out of old books as the story has already been told, and the book is no longer loved. I give them a new life, new home, with a new purpose and someone to love them.

I use hard cover books and choose my titles carefully to make sure they are tasteful and suitable for gift giving, however they are not always titles relevant to the subject.

Completely custom orders are welcome and usually ready to be shipped within 1 week of payment.

The response from these is just amazing.

Please include the initials you would like during the ordering process, if you forget however I will contact you to confirm details.

These are sold via Etsy to make currency conversion and postage calculation easier for both you and me.


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