Book Folding – The Extensive Guide

Book folding as a wonderful way to create a personal gift that is really fairly cheap.  For those of you who don’t have a clue what I am talking about, this post is here to answer your questions.

What is Book Folding?

Book folding is sometimes called book origami.  It is the process of folding, book pages to create a piece of art or a gift.  Some people choose to embellish their designs with scrap booking embellishments, paper fabric and more, others may cut or glue pages to create what you see.  The choice is entirely yours, let your imagination run wild.

What are the different types of book folding?

There really are many different styles of folded books.  There are really simple designs that can be created in a few hours with a bit of patience such as these.


Yes, believe it or not this is relatively easy to create if you are a little creative.  This is simple the folded book mounted in a frame with some lace and paper decorations.  See how you can effectively recycle books.  Click the image to be taken to the etsy store.

Another simple design you can easily fold yourself is this loopy book fold.


This picture links to Kate’s website.

I will be uploading a tutorial for this shortly so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter which will also get you a free folded book art pattern.

Intermediate Skill Folded Books

This style is the style of folded book art patterns you will find in my store.  This includes names, pictures, and shapes.  Like these, that have all been folded by myself.

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If you would like to have a try at folding books like these visit my shop tab or browse my book art category for book folding tutorials and patterns.

Expert Style Book Folding

This is the style that really inspires you to start experimenting with folded book art.  I have some idea how some of these designs are created, and absolutely no idea how others are.  This kind of skill comes from practice, trial and error.  But these folded books are absolutely mind-blowing.

This book starts with a basic fold and then Ilaria Padovan has added book page flowers to create a sculpture.

Book Sculpture by Ilaria Padovan

Another book fold that I find completely mind blowing is this one which is a promotional piece for the Anagram Bookshop in Prague.


The patience that must be required to create something like this is phenomenal.

So, now that you know what can be achieved by simply recycling books, now I will tell you how to get started.

How to make folded book art?

Simple get started.  I will be uploading a few simple tutorials shortly but in the meantime, grab a book and try folding all the pages to the spine, or fold the top corner down to the spine and leave the bottom corner unfolded.

Where to find book folding patterns.

Finding book folding patterns and tutorials isnt as difficult as when I first started, in fact in 2009 when I first started folding books I was left creating my own patterns through trial and error, which to be honest was a really wonderful process.

You can search google for “free folded book patterns”

In my own shop you will find templates and patterns for sale.

Etsy is another great source for folding book patterns.


Is there a specific style of folded book you would like me to create a pattern or tutorial for?  Let me know in the comments.

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